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Welcome to Fuck Horny Mums!

All members agree to meet up within 48 hours of being contacted.

All members MUST be actively looking for sex.

There is a high chance you will see images of naked women you know!

You must be over 24!

Find a mum in your area to fuck tonight!

Have you ever seen a woman out with her kids and thought, I would love to be able to fuck horny mums. Or have you ever seen a new mum breastfeeding her kid and just felt so jealous of that kid!

Well, we know that feeling! That is why we set up this site, so men could get in touch and fuck horny mums who just need a quick shag.

Many mums out there are sexually frustrated. They are not getting enough action from their man and fancy having a quick fling, or their husband left them. Now they are out on the prowl.

Fuck a mum has more mums signing up to it per day than any other sex dating site out there. But the best bit is that they sign up to a site called “FUCK A MUM”. This means they are here for one thing and one thing only. That means no bull shit, just action!

Get between horny mums legs!

We want to keep as many pussies out of this site as possible. We ask all of our female members to let us know if they have been turned down for sex. If you have turned down more than two men, you are instantly banned from this site and will not be allowed to sign up again.

We are very strict on this as we want out a database of members to be actively looking for sex. This way we can keep our network buzzing with sexual energy and a sex site that works for once, (not just a site full of prick teases like tinder!)

All members who sign up agree that they will meet up within 48 hours maximum after being contacted unless they are meeting up with another member.

You must be prepared to drop everything when a mum messages you looking for sex. If you cannot commit to this, then this probably is not the site for you, go and sign up to

Filter down your result to mums you want to fuck.

Ok so you want to have a shag, but our database has over 500,000 members, how the hell are you going to meet the right mum for you? Simple, filter your results!

You can filter our members down to



3.Appearance such as hair colour, weight, size shape

4. What sexual interests they have such as what sexual act

– do they like to perform on others such as blowjobs, rim jobs?

– they wish to be performed on them, such as anal or doggy.

Once you have filtered down, you can just scroll through hundreds of profiles until you find someone who is perfect for you.

Then you can just message them asking when they would be free to meet up!

Sign up is free so if you are ready, sign up and start fucking today!

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